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What is Tigerprofits?
Tigerprofits is the world’s first fully automatic money making machine.
It takes advantage of statistical infrequencies in the game of Roulette. These occur in any casino in the game of Roulette.
Tigerprofits is the only application in the world that can exploit those infrequencies systematically!
After 3 years of extensive development and testing,
this award-winning application is now available to the public.
Tigerprofits has a stunning 97,3% success rate per played session!
Tigerprofits runs completely automatic, which means that all the game-play happens automatically.
You can just lean back and see your profits come in. All you need to do is download, install and set up the application on your computer.
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Does it really work? YES IT DOES!
Are you skeptic? You think this is impossible? No problem. Simply use Tigerprofits in the Fun Mode, without risking any money at all. See for yourself how it works completely free of charge.
How much can I earn
Tigerprofits users earn between $600 to $1000 per day.
depending on how active they are that day. We have created a Top Daily Earners Table, showing the biggest earners of the last 24 hours. See the table on the right:
The exact amount you will earn with TigerProfits
depends on how many sessions per day you will play. It also depends on the fact how many different casinos you will use it in. The more casinos you play in, the higher profits you make.
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top daily winners
Country Winner Amount Win
Davide $800.00
Marton $749.00
Rich S. $745.00
Tommy M. $722.00
Bryan $710.00
This table displays the most profitable users of the day. The amounts show their profits within the last 24 hours. This is real data pulled in real-time from the application.
Why does Tigerprofits work?
Tigerprofits is based on statistical calculations being made after each round. It monitors the game of Roulette and all the outcomes and bets only in case of statistical infrequencies.
This has nothing to do with gambling or luck, it is strict science! You might have heard about counting cards in Blackjack - that is another example for statistical infrequencies being exploited, which is not possible in online-casinos.
The key to profit is speed. A round of Roulette in a real casino takes between two to three minutes - in an online casinos only a few seconds. This makes these big profits possible using Tigerprofits
Why do Casinos not block TigerProfits?
Online-Casinos would love to block, ban or destroy TigerProfits. But they are not able to! TigerProfits is completely legal since it is not using any forbidden tricks, it is simply automizing regular play.
Today Online-Casinos are all fully licensed and regulated, and being very closely monitored by governments. That makes it impossible for them to simply forbid this application.
But you do not have to feel bad for the casinos, these are multi-billion dollar companies, most of them listed on the stock exchange. So even though they are losing money to users from our community, it is a drop in the sea compared to the profits the Casinos are making overall.
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How do I start?
Become part of the Tigerprofits community and make your first $800 today, with these simple steps:
  • 1. Download & install Tigerprofits on your Windows PC.
  • 2. Activate one of the casinos in the list
  • 3. Choose between Fun and Real Money account
  • 4. Press Play and start earning money!
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How much does the Tigerprofits application cost?
Every Tigerprofits user gets a 90 Day Free Trial, with no hidden costs. No credit card details needed, no obligations.
the price after the free trial is $499 per month with unlimited use and support.
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